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How to Avoid Last-Minute-Management

There is nothing constructive about handing out a project, disappearing, and coming back at the end only to be unhappy with the results. This is what I call last-minute-management.

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We Are All Gatsby: Social Media Marketing and The Great Gatsby

Despite nearly a century having passed since its release, F. Scott Fitzgerald's American classic, The Great Gatsby, remains relatable in many ways.

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Why Every Public Company Needs an IR Website

Every public company should have an IR website with the intention of building research and goal driven campaigns that communicate effectively to deliver value to clients and investor networks.

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5 Best Practices to Improve Your Investor Relations Website

There are many factors that contribute to an optimized investor relations website that functions effectively to compete in today’s new media environment. It is crucial to build upon a marketing led plan (understanding the market, clients, potential users, and competitive environment).

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A Little Social Media Goes a Long Way:
Top 5 Reasons to be a Social CEO

It is quite rare to find someone who is not using social media, as it has become an important part of the online experience, however, that is not the case when it comes to CEOs.

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The new SCC Ideas Blog and our 5 blogging commitments

Welcome to the SCC Ideas blog. We’re glad you’re here.

We know that there is far more content available online than anyone can ever possibly consume. Since you’ve chosen to spend a few minutes reading this post, you are open to hearing what we have to say, and we appreciate that.

However, before we go much further, we have something important to say.

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