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“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.” Napoleon Hill

In an industry where we constantly search for new ways to reach investors, it is easy to overlook opportunities that we already have.  One such opportunity is press releases.  While everyone agrees that they are important, we are not using them anywhere near their full potential.

The reason for this is: obligation.  Press releases are a necessity for dissemination and we get stuck in the train of thought that status quo is the only way.
Like SCC, there is a way to ‘turn obligations into assets’.  With press releases, we have found an innovative way to increase distribution and investor engagement.  It’s a good thing, because in a TMX survey, 23% of investors feel that press releases are the most important IR related activity.

As it turns out, there is an innovative approach out there that makes press releases more compelling, intuitive, and engaging.  Infographics are a combination of information and graphics – and they can be embedded in press releases to tell your story in a visual from

Embedded infographic press release

It gives investors choice.  It does not take away from the original release and strongly appeals to visual people.  Particularly, the infographic format provides value for press releases that are technical in nature by presenting the information in a more intuitive form.  It can also create context for a news piece by contrasting it with a company’s big picture or relevant industry information.

Scientific evidence suggests that greater than 65% of people are visual learners.  Not surprisingly, through analytics, we see that investors spend much more time looking at infographics than regular press releases.  This means they are more involved, remember the brand, and retain more about the news.

And, because media and financial websites prefer rich content, they tend to have a much wider reach as well.  Infographics also have much more potential to go viral, as we saw on our release for Lomiko Metals acquiring a graphite property in early January.

Lomiko, by the way, has been trading about 100% higher since the news went viral.

View more infographic press release examples at Visual Capitalist.

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